That they may all be one.
John 17:21

Our Mission

Partners in Mission promotes God’s love to the marginalized children of Uganda by providing education, community development, and Christian discipleship.

  • Whatever we do, we should support the vision of and be led by Ugandans

  • Education is the beginning of community development

  • Honest, open, and transparent communication among Partners in Mission stakeholders is imperative

  • God calls us and invites us to call others to participate in this ministry

Our vision is focused upon educating the children of returning refugees that once fled Uganda during Idi Amin’s reign. Returning refugees became subsistence farmers relying on two acres of land to house and feed their families. Today with the help of Partners in Mission they are able to attend preschool, primary school and secondary school preparing them for University studies or Vocational training.

Our graduates are obtaining university degrees, building businesses and growing crops that provide food for their families as well as cash crops to improve their homes, transportation and health.

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