Become Part of a Larger Story

A true story of hope that began with one man's dream to help returned refugees in Kamwenge, Uganda. Twelve years later, with God's guidance and the support of Partners in Mission USA, the dream begun by Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi has become a reality.

Over 800 children, adolescents, and young adults are receiving an education today because of the work of Partners in Mission. The community now has hope and the tools they need to lift themselves up both spiritually and economically. We invite you to be part of their story.


Direct Impact.
Real Results.

When you sponsor a student or donate to a project, your money goes directly to our partners in Uganda. All work done by the board members of Partners in Mission USA is strictly voluntary and we have no paid staff.

To date, we have built a professional kitchen and dining hall, a STEM center, and a modern well. We have invested in bringing electricity to the entire campus and built classrooms, a primary school, and housing for teachers and students.

The work of Partners in Mission directly impacts not only students, but teachers, staff, and the entire community in Kamwenge, Uganda.

More Self Sufficiency. More Hope. A Brighter Future.

Join us.


Help Us Build a Girls’ Dorm

We are raising $50,000 to build a 50-bed girls’ dormitory this year.

With your help, we can begin construction later this year. Currently, 100 girls live on campus in 2 dorms. We need another dorm to house more girls.

From experience we know that girls who live on campus do better academically and emotionally.

This is important work. Help us raise $50,000 this year to fund the new dorm.


Florence’s Story

Florence grew up in Kamwenge in a family of subsistence farmers with her parents and 2 siblings in a mud home with a thatched roof. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was the sole support of the family.

Florence began studying at KSVS in 2007. Thanks to her sponsor, Mike she was able to live on campus during her studies. Mike sponsored her through KSVS and then continued sponsoring her through graduation from Ugandan Christian University in October 2016. Upon graduation, Florence returned to KSVS where she teaches geography. She was married in October 2018.


Help Us Build a New Girls’ Dorm

Join Us

Bike to the Lake
August 3, 2019


We are sorry. Registration for Bike to the Lake is closed.
We hope you can join us next year on August 1, 2020.


A Student

Student Sponsorship is the most direct and simple path to involvement in our mission. Monthly sponsorship provides tuition for a student to attend classes and be fed daily. All money provides operational funds to keep the campus doors open.


Help us support the campuses of Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School and Good Shepherd Primary School in Uganda.