Build the Campus


Our campus is a magnet for the children of the Kamwenge District of Uganda. Each class entering our primary school is larger than the past and results in a future requiring more campus facilities and more resources to educate our students.

We also continue to improve the instruction, tools and the curriculum to insure that our graduates are better prepared for the emerging economy of Africa. You can help. Partner with us in providing for these important campus projects.

Furnish and Equip the STEM Center

Let the Learning Happen.

Our STEM Center (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) construction is completed. This beautiful and pragmatic center was built with our partners' generous donations and with literally thousands of bike miles.

Now we begin to improve the teaching and learning tools inside the walls of the building. Computer technology, lab equipment, library books and reference materials must be purchased and upgraded.

A year ago in a physics class, the subject of the day was the use of measuring instruments. As the teacher described the use of a caliper, 15 students crowded around one student as they applied the teacher's lesson. Items as simple as more calipers are needed to improve the application of the daily lessons.

Our technology lab has space for 100 students to learn and work on the assignments. Today we have twenty desktop computers; we need another 80. Our science labs and teacher lab need laptops to complete lab assignments and prepare lesson plans.

Our library needs books. Teaching a student to read and building a lifetime love of reading requires books of all kinds. While we have built a selection of books in the past, we want to greatly expand the depth and scope of learning opportunity.

Join with us by building the campus’ tools to learn.

BUILD A Girls’ Dormitory

A safe community


One of the early lessons we learned was that many of our students need effective housing to prosper. Travel times, dysfunctional families, poverty, food health, and lack of adequate lighting for study were all barriers for many of our students to finishing their course of studies. Today you can help us provide a new 50-bed dormitory and with modern toilet and shower facilities for our young women.

Girls Dorm.jpg

Florence’s Story

Florence grew up in Kamwenge in a family of subsistence farmers. She lived with her parents and 2 siblings in a mud home with a thatched roof; because her father was an alcoholic, her mother was the sole support of the family. When the children were old enough to work in the garden, they helped the family put what little food they had on the table. Florence moved into our women’s dormitory to provide safety and time to study for her degree. After graduating from KSVS she went on to Ugandan Christian University graduating in October 2016. Upon graduation, Florence returned to KSVS where she taught geography. She was married in October 2018.


More than four walls and a roof….


There were times when some of our classes were taught under the tree in the middle of the campus. Classrooms became functional as soon as the roof was on and the floor was poured. We discovered that the classroom was anywhere that teachers could help children learn.

Today we continue to build classrooms to meet the needs of our growing campus.

Please consider a gift to help us put walls and roofs up to protect from the sun and the rain. Floors to provide a firm foundation, windows to eliminate outside distractions, electricity to teach in all conditions and blackboards to provide visionary instruction.