How we do what we do

Notes on Income

Support for Partners in Mission USA (PIM-USA) has grown significantly over the twelve years we have been building the campuses in Uganda. Our Income growth has been bolstered by significant partnerships with individuals, churches, Rotary International and corporations. Bike to the Lake has provided much needed capital funding for the development of our dining hall/kitchen and the recently completed STEM Center. Sponsorship provides stable operational support by paying tuition for students that do not have the means to afford to attend the schools.

The most significant percentage of our income, 93% in 2017 and 83% in 2018, goes directly to support Partners in Mission Uganda and the GSK and KSVS campus.

Notes on Expenses

Administrative and support costs for Bike to the Lake comprise our fundraising expense. Graciously, these costs are underwritten by corporate sponsors prior to the event each year.

US operating expense represents our expense to administrate Partners in Mission USA. These costs rose in 2018 for two significant reasons. In 2017 PIM-USA exceeded $300,000 in income. With that milestone we were required by the IRS to be professionally audited. The increase in 2018 was audit expenses for 2017 and 2018. In 2018, the PIM-USA board also purchased insurance coverage, including international travel, to insure that those traveling to Uganda with our coordination are properly protected.

In late 2018, PIM-USA received several sizable gifts for 2019 construction projects. These gifts will be used in 2019 for completion of several buildings.

Partners in Mission Financial Reports

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“In the past 20 Years the proportion of people living in extreme poverty has almost halved”.

This quote from Hans Rosling’s book, “Factfulness” applies to Uganda today. When we started KSVS in 2007 our last thirty miles consisted of rutted dirt roads that were almost impassable during rainy months. There was no electricity to the region. Water was an all day trip to the spring to fill a Jeri can with fresh water. Today the campus has a two lane paved road that connects the Eastern and Western parts of Uganda, electricity, a deep water well and best of all students completing secondary education and going on to University or trade school. In one generation we have seen subsistence farmers become university graduates.

Partners in Mission has become a part of the changing landscape in Kamwenge. We provide primary, secondary and vocational training, preparing the children of returning refugees for a future world.