Visit Uganda and the Kamwenge Campus

Travel to Uganda

Over the years many of our partners have taken the opportunity to travel to Uganda to see first hand what God is doing in Kamwenge. Whether you simply want to visit the campus and spend time encouraging students and staff, meet your sponsored student, or find a way to participate as a visiting instructor, teach a craft or dig a foundation we can help you find a group to travel with or help you coordinate your team’s travel and mission.  

Work as An Intern

Teaching on Campus

Are you an undergrad, graduate student or a professional on a sabbatical and want to be a part of the teaching staff on campus? Talk to us about participating as a visiting instructor on campus. We have classes that span from Preschool, Secondary School and also several Vocational courses. Contact us to learn more.

Pray For Us

Partner in Prayer

Partners in Mission is not just about financial support. We are Christians who are engaged because Christ has called us to this work. Doing God’s work also involves bringing our needs and praise to Him in prayer. Please consider becoming a prayer partner with us. Current activities, needs and praises can be found on our Facebook page and postings. Friend Us.


How You Can Help

Become Part of a Larger Story

Join us at our largest fundraising event of the year, Bike to the Lake. This year the money we raise will be used to fund the building of our Girls’ Dormitory and contribute to operating costs at the school. Consider joining us!

Financial Support

Sponsor or Donate

Our principle role in the partner relationship with KSVS and GSK is to provide  financial support. Your financial partnership is not just welcome, but vital to the mission of showing Christ’s love by bringing children of the poorest of the poor into a self-sustaining future.