Bike to the Lake

August 3, 2019

On Saturday, August 3, 2019 Partners in Mission will sponsor our annual “Bike to the Lake” charity ride that travels from Glen Ellyn Il to The Abbey Resort in Fontana (Lake Geneva) Wisconsin.

There are three optional distances: 84 miles, 70 miles or 50 miles. The scenic route follows the Fox River trail to McHenry and then follows seldom used country roads to The Abbey. All three distances depart from First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn’s parking lot on Saturday Morning.

The route is marked and the ride managed by Bicycle Illinois which provides food and water at three rest stops along the way.

Our ride ends with food and beverages on the lawn of The Abbey including musical entertainment, from 1:00 – 4:00. Family is welcome.

Return transportation from The Abbey to Glen Ellyn is provided for riders and their bikes leaving at 5:30 pm.

To participate in the ride we request a minimum donation of $235 per rider. Riders are encouraged to find sponsors.


Questions or want more information?
Gary Alcock
(312) 806-9915

Ride Schedule

Friday Night

5:00 – 6:00 PM
50 mile riders..if possible, please bring your bike to the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn (Northeast Parking Lot). Your bike will be stored for the night and then loaded into the van early Saturday Morning for transport to Elgin. This will save valuable time the morning of the ride.

Saturday - Morning of Ride

The Ride will start at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn 550 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn IL 60137.

6:00 AM
50 mile riders meet at 6:00 am to register the 50 mile riders first and get them on their way by bus to the starting point in North Elgin.

6:15 AM
70 & 84 mile riders come at 6:15 am. Registration will begin once the 50 mile riders are completed.

7:00 AM
70 & 84 mile riders will depart from the church.

1:00 PM
Food, beverages, and live music begins at The Abbey in Fontana WI. Bike Storage and Showers are available.

5:30 PM
Bus leaves The Abbey for return to First Presbyterian Church in Glen Ellyn.

To participate in the ride, fill our the registration form below and follow the link for online payment.

Thank you so much for your participation and support.
You make a difference.

Not interested in riding? You can still financially support other riders on the trip by donating here.


Bike to the Lake Registration Form

Note: If you have already completed your registration but need to pay, CLICK HERE.

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Please select where you will start the ride from. All riders must initially check in in Glen Ellyn. If you indicate you will start the ride in Elgin, 50 mile riders, we will transport you, your bicycle, and a small personal bag from Glen Ellyn to Elgin before the start of the ride. All riders will finish the event at the Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva, WI.

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 I grant the Event the unrestricted right, license, and authority to display, record, and/or otherwise use my image, voice, likeness and/or any depiction of mine in whole or in part for any purpose at the Event's sole discretion, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information related to the event.
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