Clean Water

Drawing Water from KSVS Well

Bringing Clean water to KSVS

Recognizing how important clean water is to the well being and health of the campus, in April, 2012, Rotary Club Mbarara, Uganda and Rotary Club, Sandwich IL completed a project with Northern Illinois Rotary District 6420 to put in a fresh water well with a power generator for the campus of Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School.

Prior to the completion of the well students and staff at KSVS had to walk up to 2 hours to fetch water from a local spring, then return and boil the water before using it. When too tired to make that trip students often chose to use untreated water from pools near the campus that was unfit for drinking.

In the first few years, we were able to install small water tanks that captured rain water which were inadequate to provide sufficient water for use of a growing population of students and staff. To increase capacity PIM-USA raised money to complete a large cistern on campus. The cistern remains in use providing water for washing, watering animals, and irrigating gardens during dry season.

The deep water well was drilled to bedrock in 2012 providing a clean and safe potable water source for the entire campus. Water doesn’t yet flow out of the tap in each building. It continues to be transported but only a few feet from water lines strategically placed throughout the campus.   KSVS vocational students are trained to care for and run the well and generator, doing simple repairs and keeping the well in generally good working order.

KSVS Student Aidan at the well head.

Fresh WaterCistern