Alice Graduates 25Jan2016Alice was among the first students at Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) Uganda in 2007. Her family like most families in the community of small villages, are subsistence farmers who could not afford for their children to attend secondary school. Children are often encouraged by their families to help in their family garden plots rather than attending even primary school. When Alice had finished Primary 7 at the public school, she stopped attending school to help at home.

Alice was invited to attend a new school close to her home, Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School. From the beginning of her 6 years at KSVS, Alice diligent student, shone as a natural leader. She was an active participant in Scripture Union, and elected by her classmates as “Head Girl” for 2 of her years at the school.

Soon after she began KSVS, Sandy began sponsoring Alice. Alice and Sandy exchanged many letters over the years. Sandy wrote to Alice about her family, life in the US, and encouraged Alice in her studies and faith in God. Alice drew inspiration from those letters to persevere, even when studying became difficult.Alice Clinic 26Jan2016

Alice graduated from KSVS as one of the top students in December, 2013. Alice received a college scholarship from KeHE Distributors in Naperville because of her grades, diligence, leadership, and strong Christian faith. She is currently studying counseling at Bishop Stuart University in Uganda.

Alice now returns to the Kamwenge community during her summer breaks to help teach younger children on the KSVS campus and work as an intern at the local community clinic where she counsels newly diagnosed AIDS patients. She says that she can hardly believe this is really her life now, doing the counseling she loves, when he hears the doctors and nurses say to a patient, “Go over to the table and talk with Counselor Alice.” She loves what she is doing and says she cannot imagine what she would rather be doing.

Alice plans to return each summer to help out at KSVS and intern at the community clinic. When she graduates, Alice intends to finally settle back into her community where she will be able to offer counseling services to those in need.