KSVS is privileged to have a committed and professional teaching staff. Our staff come from a variety of upbringing and backgrounds but all have committed their lives to Christ and many have given up prospering in urban settings to bring their skills and love of Christ to the children of the Kamwenge District. Below are profiles of a few of our amazing teachers.


Gad has been at KSVS since it opened in 2007. He is something of a miracle as he trains students to make tables, doors, beds, chairs, and many smaller items using only tools that don’t require electricity. Gad found himself teaching at KSVS at a young age. While he was still in school, he met KSVS’ founder Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi, when Rev. John came to his school to preach. Rev. John told Gad about his vision to build up people (in Kamwenge) and Gad took up the vision.
He says, “God gave us freely; freely I can give to others.” Providing leadership in Vocational Studies, Gad says it gives him great joy to help people be able to get jobs, and if he can help just one man, he is satisfied.
He looks forward to the day, very soon, when electricity is actually connected at the school because electricity will expand and improve the tools used in their craft. When that happens, he will add power tools to the workplace but not subtract hand tools. Many of his students may find work where there is no electricity and having skills needed with hand tools will prove invaluable.


1102...ALON...carpentry shop working with hand tools -2016   - CopyAlon teaches vocational skills with Gad. From Kamwenge, he has a wife and one child. He enjoys teaching at KSVS because it is an excellent school. He enjoys working with his mentor Gad, and, he says simply, “it is good to work with your mentor.”


1097...English Teacher MONICAMonica teaches English at KSVS and is head of the English Department. Monica is in her second tenure with KSVS. She originally taught at the school in 2009 and recently returned in January 2016. Monica is married to Gershom from the nearby town of Ibanda. He is a primary school teacher and they have two children, Bright and Bliss.
Monica is the oldest of 8 children; her father is a pastor. With a pastor’s income he struggled to pay Monica’s school fees, encouraging her to work hard both morally and academically. According to Monica, in Africa people believe if the first-born child does not work hard, all the other children in the family will lag. Monica reflects that becoming a “saved” Christian when she was young helped her concentrate on her studies and provided a base to understand the nature of a struggling family.
She worked hard and excelled in her studies, but knew there was no way her father could pay for her to attend university or college. She applied for a coveted government scholarship and was amazed and grateful to receive a full-ride scholarship to Kabale National Teachers’ College.
Monica says she loves KSVS and returned to lead the development of the English Department. She plans to start a Writers Club on campus this term and supports a robust Debate Club which includes both secondary and vocational students.