Kamwenge Secondary & Vocational School

The future of Uganda can be seen in the leadership of the next generation.

Our vision is to build the community of students in Kamwenge district to be self sustained and responsible leaders with a high sense of integrity and accountability.

KSVS, which opened February, 2007, is located on 20 acres of land in the district of Kamwenge, western Uganda. This area has a population of 300,000 people, and is considered one of the poorest among Uganda. Many are refugees or returnees who have been forced to leave their homes with nothing. The Ugandan government has offered land for these families where they survive on agriculture and live in grass huts. Secondary school is unaffordable for families, increasing the cycle of poverty. Some find places in public primary schools but have no way to progress to the secondary level.

We opened our doors in 2007 with 22 students enrolled in Senior level one and two. By 2017, we have over 350 students enrolled in our secondary and vocational school programs, competing classes Senior 1 – 6. Several of our first graduates began university in 2013. Many others are working in various vocational jobs for which the received training from us.

In 2010, we opened Good Shepherd Kindergarten on our campus with 30 children enrolled. Parents saw that their children were receiving a much better education at Good Shepherd than in the public school, and would be better prepared to enter KSVS when the time came. With 250 children now enrolled in Kindergarten through Primary 3, we look forward to adding primary classes up through Primary 7 in the future.

KSVS’s mission is to reach out and build up the future generations of Ugandans by equipping individuals with the provision of employable skills for sustainable socio-economic development in a Christian context.

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