New STEM Center


Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School

is building a center for learning that will focus

on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). 


STEM Center (front)under construction 8-2-2017

This multi-disciplinary facility will include both library and computer resources as well as house the administrative offices of the school.  The S.T.E.M. Science and Technology Center will serve as an industry leader not only in Kamwenge but also throughout the whole of Uganda.  This Center will serve more than 700 youth annually and will be a community resource center for adults and families in southwest Uganda.

Kamwenge is a place where advances in science and technology will have the biggest impact on Ugandan people striving to improve local conditions.  In the areas of food and agriculture, sustainable development, healthcare, economic development, and renewable energy resources – advances in S.T.E.M. will provide transformational solutions.  We believe that KSVS is going to be an educational leader in this field.  The S.T.E.M. Science and Technology Center will provide them with the facility and resources to address the social factors limiting the progress in the region.

Dr. Peter Ndemere, the Executive Secretary of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology agrees with this vision and has identified the promoting of S.T.E.M. education as “Priority Number Three” in Uganda’s Vision 2040 which was launched in April, 2013. He added that science and technology education addresses most of the critical challenges such as health, water, poverty, and economics.

Completed roof on STEM 4-2017 - Copy

The vision to build a S.T.E.M. Science and Technology Center in one of the poorest regions in our world is both ambitious and achievable. In less than one decade, KSVS has been built and staffed, serving more than 600 students. In addition to classrooms and vocational facilities, a well has added to the campus, a health center has been constructed, dormitories and teachers homes have created a residential component, a kitchen and dining hall have been constructed, and students are graduating with vocational skills and educational certification that is helping many advance to university studies. KSVS is developing a reputation for scholastic achievement, economic empowerment, and leadership development. The president of Uganda and other top administrative officials have traveled to see first-hand the school and its leadership.

KSVS STEM Science and Technology Center 3-year Plan:   

Year 1:            Foundation, 1st Floor, Computer Lab, Library         Completed

Year 2:            2nd Floor, Science Lab, Instruction                          Completed

Year 3:            3rd Floor, 2 Classrooms, 3 Offices, Roof                 2017