Dining Hall PIM Picture 29Jan2016KSVS’ New Kitchen and Dining Hall

Partners in Mission is thrilled to announce that the Dining Hall has been completed!

Thanks to the generosity of our Partners and many of you who rode with us on Bike to the Lake, we raised the $110,000 needed to build the Kitchen and Dining Hall for KSVS.students at lunchwoman cooking at KSVS

We currently feed lunch to 350 secondary and vocational students and 250 primary students every day. Over 200 of the secondary students live on campus and eat breakfast and dinner with us. Prior to the completion of the Kitchen and Dining Hall our staff were cooking over a coal-burning pot in a small cook house. and our students were eating outdoors under the shade of trees. Pictures on right provide a snapshot of the old method!

With the New Kitchen and Dining Hall not only will our cooking and dining be more effective and safe from rain and sun but with the new space and kitchen, as a vocational school, we will begin to train students in cooking skills so they are able to be employed in the Travel Industry at guest houses, hotels, restaurants, catering services, and park facilities.  We plan to teach traditional cooking over charcoal as well as modern methods, using up to date stoves and ovens.

In early in 2016, Northern Illinois District Rotary Club will be supplying the needed equipment, teacher training, and nutritional and sanitary training.  They will mobilize a team to visit and train staff on the use of the equipment provided.


Dining Hall PIM Picture 21Jan2016DSC00500DSCN6540