Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School opened in February, 2007 with 22 students from the local community.  We currently educate over 350 secondary and vocational students and more than 250 primary school children. Many children and their families now understand the advantage of receiving a vocational or secondary education.

With this rapid growth in numbers, we have been constantly expanding And improving our campus at break-neck speed. You can be part of this exciting chapter in the history of Kamwenge as we seek to educate young people so they can be part of the development coming to Kamwenge.

Kamwenge now sits in a strategic place. The government has completed an electricity project in Kamwenge District.  Paved roads are connecting the communities to large cities in Uganda. Kibale National Park is located in Kamwenge District, about 1/2 hour from KSVS.  With roads and electricity, it will draw tourists.  The future is here for Kamwenge. Her youth need to be educated in order to take advantage of opportunities.