Spring 2016 Vision Trip – Kitchen and Dining Hall Dedication

Trip Dates: March 22 – April 5

DeAnne Zaeske’s Return Visit to KSVS, March 2016

I last visited Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) seven years ago in 2009. At that time the school was much smaller with providing four senior grade levels and the vocational program. I am truly amazed at the changes and growth that have occurred in a relatively short period of time. The school has tripled in size adding primary education levels to the 6 years of secondary education grades growing the staff needed for good instruction. Now there is a health clinic, more student dorms, additional teacher housing, a kitchen, dining hall, and a well that provides clean water. Even the goat herd has increased.DeAnne and Benjamin 4-3-2016

I came to participate in the dedication of the new kitchen/dining hall equipped by Northern Illinois Rotary. In this new vocational program, students will receive training in culinary arts so they can find employment opportunities in the tourism business that is prospering because of new paved roads and proximity to Uganda’s world famous National Parks.

Given the news of a troubled world of war and destruction, it is wonderful to see all the good things that are happening in Uganda. Even with all the changes, there are some things that remain the same. Delightful students, who are eager to learn and good teachers dedicated to sharing their knowledge.

KSVS is the perfect example of how God will use ordinary people to bring extraordinary change to our world.

Editor’s Note: DeAnne returned to KSVS with our March 2016 vision trip during which the Kitchen and Dining Hall were dedicated.


Itinerary included:IMG_0953 - Compressed

4-day visit to Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School and help the school dedicate the new Kitchen and Dining Hall, helping in classrooms as well as visiting families in the community.

Visited a nearby refugee camp. Some KSVS students are from refugee camps.

Visited several of our graduates on their campus at Bishop Stuart University.

Celebrated Good Friday with Christians of all denominations by walking through the streets of Mbarara on Good Friday carrying the Cross.

Worshiped on Easter Sunday at All Saints Church in Mbarara.Website...food line in dining hall following dedication -

Met with and encourage the Young Professionals, a fellowship of young adults from Mbarara with a focus on mission.

Visited Kibale National Forest and hike with a guide, watching for chimpanzees.

Visited Queen Elizabeth National Park with an overnight stay.

Visited historical Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala and the new Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara