Ruth Mershon in Uganda 2015 at RakaiRuth Mershon has traveled to Uganda to assist KSVS staff and medical personnel in Uganda in evaluating potential preventative health care initiatives in Kamwenge, and in particular on the campus of KSVS.Ruth at KSVS clinic. 6317 - Copy (2)
“I’m super excited to share with you some new things that God has been stirring in my heart!

Over the years, I’ve developed partnerships with many different people and organizations in both Uganda and India. While I’ve felt God calling me towards the mission field for many years, I’ve never had a strong sense of where He wanted me to serve. In the last few years, I’ve felt somewhat of a pull towards India, but then I felt just as strong of a pull towards Uganda when I was there in early 2015. So I went to the Lord, confused and unsure. He graciously provided a brand new vision that seems to be where He has landed me, at least for the next few years – work in the U.S. at Cornerstone (Clinic) for most of the year and then go on more/longer trips to the places where He has already connected me with ministries that can use the skill-set He has given me. He has confirmed this vision in multiple different ways and I am THRILLED that this is where He’s placed me. :)”

“I will be going to Kamwenge, Uganda with Elizabeth Oklevitch, my dear friend and roommate from Grove City College. We will be gone from February 20th to March 6th. We will be working with Reverend John, who I visited last year when I was in Uganda, and KSVS (Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School), the school he started and oversees. We are going to be exploring the possibility of starting a community health development program in conjunction with the school. We’ll be talking with staff at the school, community leaders and possibly starting some community surveys as well. My heart is to see the kingdom of God come in the Kamwenge area through lives eternally changed by the gospel and villages impacted long-term with better health conditions.”

Ruth Mershon is a graduate of Grove City College and Arcadia University where she studied public health. She is currently a Physician’s Assistant in Pennsylvania who makes regular mission trips to India and Uganda to work with local medical professionals.

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