Marj’s trip to Africa

“You’ve been to Uganda how many times!!!!!”Carpentry   Marj Dolbeer and instructor Gad   IMG_1867

I replied to the incredulous question that I had been to Uganda 14 times and this next trip, would of course be number 15.

When I retired from teaching and administration more than 20 years ago, who would have thought that God would choose to use me far away in Uganda to train others.

My first trip to Uganda was to do a Vacation Bible session with a woman I had never met before, Sandra Crane, from West Bloomfield, Michigan. We met up in the airport at Heathrow in England, and have been fast friends since, and trekking off to Uganda at least once a year for most years since.

The people grabbed my heart from the first. And the land, which is as varied as the U.S. is beautiful. When I first went out to KSVS with Rev, John Mulindabigwi, the first building was just being put up. We even had a chance to lay some bricks for this building! It has been exciting to go back and find changes and growth each time I am on the campus.

Rev. John usually asks me to do some sort of a workshop with the staff on campus. They are extremely receptive to ideas and expanding their repertoires. We have worked with such topics as leadership, expanding literacy through writing their own stories, and reading to students, thus modeling good language. (Last time, as I modeled reading a story to the primary teachers, little hands and then faces appeared around the door frame, and peered in at the windows. Soon there was an audience of many little ones absorbed in the story, as I read with many voices.)

I am looking forward to being with them again in April, 2016, and plan on continuing the dialog about the importance of modeling language with students and their teachers.