Jaimie Towns

Teaching at KSVSPicture

“She’s back! She’s here now!”

could be heard from the children in the Primary 4 class at Good Shepherd Kindergarten and Primary School on the grounds of Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School, as they scrambled across the KSVS campus to enthusiastically greet Jaimie Towns; she had just returned to the school following more than a year’s absence. Jaimie first came to visit in Kamwenge with her great aunt a few years prior and was captivated by the children and teachers at the primary school who found a way into her heart quickly. She returned for a short teaching stint, under the guidance of Head Teacher Beth, and felt called to return on a much more extended basis.

She kept them in her heart as she worked to finish her degree in education while working hard to find sponsors to provide for her trip and living expenses while in Uganda. Then in August of 2015 she realized her dream of returning to the school. She is now co-teaching Primary 4 with Halima. Some of these children she had already worked with when they were younger, so it is easy to understand why the children were so excited to see her. Jaimie is truly enjoying being with the students and staff, and has just begun a new term at the school. She completes her time in Uganda in May2016.

Jaimie’s blog is called Red Dirt Diary. http://www.reddirtdiary.com/blog.html