Partners in Mission welcomes individuals and teams who wish to partner with us. Some visitors stay for two weeks; others have stayed as long as three months. We welcome you to come with your skills, interests, passions, and yes, your curiosities.

Do you like to work with children? Have computer or library skills? Enjoy painting or construction? Love music or art? You are encouraged to come and teach a class.  College students and young adults are invited to teach a subject in their field of study at KSVS.

If you have building skills, our facilities are multiplying and we welcome you to come and build alongside us. We also take part in evangelistic crusades and welcome your Christian witness and outreach. We visit refugee camps as an encouragement to those living there and to observe the work of Partners in Mission.

When people ask us what they will build when they visit, we reply that the most important thing you will build will be relationships with Ugandans. You will find that Ugandans have much to teach you…faith, trust in God, commitment to family and friends, love of young children, vibrant worship.

Interacting with students on campus to give them a larger world perspective is very welcome. Teaching games, attending their soccer matches, listening to their stories and sharing ours, visiting their classrooms, participating in worship together, taking students on a “field trip” outside of their villages…all and many more are ways we can make an impact on the lives of students.

Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School is eager for visitors to come and interact with our students. Talk with us to see where you fit.

Contact us at with your questions. We would like to work with you to discover how you may be a blessing to the people of Uganda and the Great Lakes Region of Africa.