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  • Partners in Mission is a Ugandan-inspired mission. Before there was American involvement, PIM was fully operational.  The US version of Partners in Mission is a separate non-profit organization in place for the purposes of fundraising, introducing PIM and the East African Balokole Revival to Americans, and prayer support.
  • Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School is the vision of Rev. John Mulindabigwi alone.  As Rev. John traveled multiple times to Kamwenge to minister to the Ugandan returnees, he found them in the same place as subsistence farmers with no hope or higher expectations for themselves or their families.  His vision was to build a vocational and secondary school that would serve to rally the community to a higher economic and social while lifting them spiritually from the dark places he found them. This is happening.
  • Most people served at KSVS are from the returned refugee community in Uganda. There is work to be done that encompasses the overall mission of Partners in Mission: fellowship evangelism reconciliation networking socio-economic development based on Christian values
  • There are no overhead costs for paid US Staff. All work done by board members of Partners in Mission – USA is strictly voluntary.