Mission Statement, Partners in Mission – Uganda

Partners in Mission is a fellowship of brethren who come together with the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ starting with the peoples of the Great Lakes Region. We also seek to continue with the East African Balokole Revival Movement.


  • To develop fellowship among various evangelical churches, organizations and fellowships as a sign of Christ’s presence with us.
  • To promote sound Biblical teaching of Christ among the partners for effective evangelism and spiritual growth.
  • To promote the spirit of reconciliation among the Christian groups within the Great Lakes Region.
  • To network with evangelical churches, schools and para-church organizations in the ministry of the Gospel.
  • To promote socio-economic development based on Christian foundation.


Evangelism at Nakivale Refugee CampPartners in Mission is engaged in holistic evangelism. We always share the Gospel of Jesus Christ . . . in schools, churches, small villages, and wherever invited.

While Partners in Mission preaches the gospel, we educate children and adults, facilitate better health and nutrition, and teache about the importance of keeping the environment clean.


As Christians, we gather together from different communities, denominations, generations, and cultures around the shared vision of God’s love. PIM is instrumental in bringing together Christian youth with the elders of the East African Revival Movement in an effort to pass on the principals of the movement and mentor the younger generations.

Daily and weekly, fellowship happens in churches and homes. Perhaps over a shared meal, Christian brothers and sisters allow themselves to be broken by the Holy Spirit to live in transparency and humility together.


Networking at Grove City CollegeWhen we work in evangelism and reconciliation, we often come up against stumbling blocks as we work among peoples of various cultures and economic situations. Networking allows us to share problems and solutions; to build each other up and support each other in our work. Networking allows us to share among our Christian organizations so we work together rather than at cross-purposes.


Partners in Mission tries to reflect a people who are “walking in the light of Jesus.” We encourage all to live in brokenness and transparency with one another, enjoying each other in fellowship. We do not preach reconciliation; we attempt to live it. Across racial, tribal, cultural, denominational, economic, and national lines, we share meals together, pray together, cry together, rejoice together. Together we work with the disenfranchised and share the gospel. As we come to know each other as fellow followers of Jesus, broken and forgiven, we are no longer rivals and enemies, but brothers and sisters in Christ. How can hatred spring from this?

Socio-Economic Development

KSVS studentUnderstanding that Jesus not only preached the Gospel, but also cared for the “least of these”, we seek to promote socio-economic development among the poor.  The most visible manifestation of our work is Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School.

After traveling back and forth to the community of Kamwenge to share the Gospel, Rev. John Mulindabigwi found the people spiritually renewed, but “in the same place” in their life situation.  Kamwenge is a community of returned refugees who fled Idi Amin in the 1970s and returned in 2000 when the country where they were living in refugee camps, Tanzania, sent them home.  The government of Uganda moved them to Kamwenge and gave them small plots of land to farm.  As subsistence farmers, there is little hope for the future for their children.

Rev. John purchased 20 acres of land for the school by selling his personal property. With help from American, German, and Ugandan partners, Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School opened in 2007.  Today, it is a growing school with graduates beginning to attend university and beginning their own vocational careers.  In 2010, we opened our doors for primary school students.

Our hope is we will be part of the transformation of Kamwenge into a viable community that offers economic development and spiritual transformation for all.