History of East African Balokole Revival

The roots of PIM go back to 1929 when Dr. Joe Church, British missionary to Rwanda, and Simeon Nsibambi, Chief Health Officer with the government of Uganda, met in front of the Anglican cathedral on Namirembe Hill in Kampala, Uganda. Both had been praying for God to renew the fervor of the church.  Together they knelt and prayed for God’s renewal and forgiveness of sin in their own lives, and for reconciliation among races and tribes.

With this, the East African Revival broke out.  In a small chapel in Gahini, Rwanda, under the direction of Joe Church, the first fellowship meetings were held as the Lord brought penitent believers into fellowship with God and with one another, through the Blood of the Cross.  All walls fell, between Tutsis and Hutus, between blacks and whites, between denominations.

From this meeting, many teams were sent to neighboring nations and eventually around the world with a very simple message, the message of the unmerited favor of God offered freely to all who would sincerely follow the Lamb wherever He goes.