The history of Partners in Mission is strongly intertwined with that of the East African Revival.
Partners in Mission was founded in 1993 by Rev. Canon Wolfgang Heiner, a German Christian leader who lived for several years in East Africa, for the purpose of passing on the principles of the East African Balokole Revival to future generations.  He worked closely with indigenous Christian leaders to promote:

  • fellowship
  • evangelism
  • reconciliation
  • networking

PIM focuses their work on Christians in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, eastern DR Congo, and South Sudan). They aim to bring together the Elders and Youth to promote fellowship among Christians, evangelism, reconciliation among peoples, and networking to advance the Gospel with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Canon John and Mrs. Jolly Mulindabigwi

The first International Fellowship Conference was held in Gahini, Rwanda in 1997, three years after the Rwandan Genocide. The theme “Walking with Jesus in the First Love”, Revelation 2:4-5, was to be an encouragement by the international fellowship of Believers to Rwandans. The focus was healing and repentance among peoples.

Subsequent international conferences have been held in 2000, 2004, and 2010. Smaller conferences are held year-round throughout the Great Lakes Region.

Following the death of Canon Heiner in 2000, John Mulindabigwi assumed leadership of PIM for the entire Region. He was ordained as a priest by the Anglican Church in 2004 and later ordained as a Canon in 2010.