Need more information about the day of the ride?

Here is the route map:

Route Map

Friday Night: 

5:30 – 6:30 PM 50 mile riders..if possible, please bring your bike to the church the night before (Friday) between 5:30-6:30. This will save valuable time the morning of the ride

Morning of ride:

The Ride will start at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn 550 N. Main Street.

6:00 AM   50 mile riders meet at 6:00 am The goal will be to register the 50 mile riders first and get them on their way.

6:15 AM    70 & 84 mile riders come at 6:15 am.


Make sure to have a bike helmet, sunglasses, inner tube, personal items needed
Bring bag with change of clothes. We will transport your bag to Lake Geneva. No towel needed as one will be provided
GU Energy, salt tablets, other energy fuels are recommended
First time riders ride with someone who has ridden before
Follow ORANGE marks, IGNORE blue marks. A cue sheet will also be provided

There will either be 1 or 2 sweep riders on each ride (50,70,84). Know who they are before leaving

84 mile riders, we will travel through Fermi Lab. As it is Federal land, there will not be any orange marks. Ride in on the sidewalk ( so as to avoid having to stop at gate ) and ride for about a mile. You will come to Eola Rd..turn right. The street will veer left and become Wilson Ave. Stay on this until you come to River Rd ( at River ) and turn right, There is usually a farmers market so you may have to walk your bike for a block

Enjoy the beautiful ride and know that you are changing hundreds of lives for the better..